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Decorating your home, condo or apartment can be fun and exciting, once you find the right furniture retailer. What you imagine in your mind and what you actually find in stores can be a sore letdown when you can’t locate what you’d like, or afford the furniture you imagined. Let us help you out!

Browse furniture stores for kitchen and dining sets, living room furniture, bedroom ensembles and everything you need to decorate your home. Home office, game room, mud room, outdoor patio, you name it. Tables, chairs, beds, sofas, dressers and everything you could possibly want and need for your space.

Flyers Online has done the homework for you. Here, you’ll find a complete list of over 290 best Canadian furniture stores, with great prices, deals and special offers that will help you save time, money and finally find the right furniture outlet for your taste and needs.

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