Way back in 2002, a couple young Kamloops farm boys embarked on a journey to chase their dream.

Many an onlooker cast doubt, "Who's going to buy furniture online?" Indeed, not many people did in those early years.

The office was rudimentary and referred to as the Cave.

Not only was the furniture and equipment used, so was the paper in the printer.

After many an all nighter, their online store was born.

Still, the orders were none. It took over a year for the website to produce it's first sale.

Customer by customer, they built a business.

"From the beginning, we always had a powerful 'Why?' to motivate us.

We want to build something bigger than ourselves.

Something that will provide for our team, our community, and our families, long after we're gone."

Team members at WFB are fondly referred to as Warriors.

When community groups ask for volunteers, WFB Warriors often step up to pitch in.

From Rotary Food Drives to MS Bikes and Walks to the Therapeutic Riding Association's Dash to Make a Difference, Warriors carry the WFB spirit into the community.

The company encourages participation by rewarding Warriors with gift certificates to the store.