With a collective time of 80 years in housing design and construction, and furniture and moulding manufacturing, the Varners had an opportunity to sell their business and embark on a whole new adventure.

Home owners are not in the habit of buying furniture every day and so it can be a daunting experience.

When you visit Hampton House our friendly staff can assist you to quickly zero in on the best solution to your decorating challenge.

We ask lots of questions, then we listen to what you have to say.

Discussing your needs at this point will save time from searching furniture options that you would eventually eliminate.

Questions and answers now will save you hours of shopping time and increase your after purchase satisfaction and being happy with your purchase is the real goal isn’t it?

Tired of dealing with sales people who can’t answer your questions, or even worse don’t care enough to find out for you if they don’t know. 

At Hampton House our staff spend 1 ½ hours every Tuesday morning in group product updates. 

Then another two hours per week is spent on individual product knowledge research.

When you come into Hampton house you will find knowledgeable people who care about you making the best choice to maximise your long term satisfaction. So come on into Hampton House. You’ve got friends here!