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If you were the kind of person who owned at least 5 types of highlighters, the Arts & Crafts
category will speak to you. You love buying desk supplies, creating your own gifts, recycling,
upcycling, inventing and making things from scratch. Your mind is creative and you’re always
thinking about your next project.

This page leads you to 8 businesses that will serve you well.
From Costco to DeSerres and Michaels, the crafty, artistic endeavours you dream of will be well
served. Through these stores, shop art supplies, framing, scrapbooking, crafts and hobbies,
decor, fabric, manual projects, DIY ideas, kits and books, loads of supplies for kids, wedding
decor, gifts and inspiration, bulk buys, teachers supplies and so much more.

Click on any retail store link below to access the lowest prices of the season and great deals
in-store and online.

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