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Remember how much fun you had with colored pencils, stencils, glitter, photos and all the
supplies you could squeeze into your backpack when you were young? Scrapbooking brings it
all back so pull up a chair, gather all your momentos and start planning your first, second or
10th scrapbook project.

Whether you want to highlight a specific event, capture a lifetime of events or simply surprise
someone with an exciting part of their timeline, a scrapbook allows you to personalize,
reminisce and keep special memories all in the same place.

Rubber of clear stamps, embellishments, ink, stickers, scissors, paper trimmers, stencils, glitter,
glue, leather, cloth and even metal albums, plus paper refills, there’s just so much to choose
from when you want to start your scrapbooking project.

Start cutting, pasting, coloring and building your scrapbook now. It’s kindergarten all over again,
but with better dexterity. Shop the link below to find everything you need and more.

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