Danforth Food Market

Danforth Food Market first store opened in May 1986 and now grow to five stores across the Greater Toronto Area.Corn and eddoes are fresh and fragrant, as are the three types of mangoes in the produce aisle. The well-maintained meat and fish counters skew heavily West Indian: on offer are goat's feet, shoulders and legs, and an assortment of tripe, plus five kinds of snapper, massive kingfish, cut pieces of shark and Jamaican goat fish. There's also plenty of smoked mackerel, herring and cod. Head to the freezer for the beloved pistachio kulfi.
Danforth Food Market stocks a wide variety of Caribbean food: Barbadian food, Jamaican food, Trinidadian food, Guyanese food, and food from other Caribbean islands.

Source: Danforth Food Market online