The strength of unity. The spirit of independence.

Thirteen pharmacists. One great idea. That’s how it all started in 1978.

Those 13 pharmacist-owners had a vision: to form an association so they could get all the benefits of centralized purchasing and distribution that the big chains enjoyed, while still maintaining the spirit of independent ownership and community focus that the people in their neighborhoods had come to depend on.

Today, there are 33 member shareholder stores under the Value Drug Mart banner, as well as 12 Apple Drugs stores, 10 Rxellence Professional Dispensaries, and 300 affiliated stores—all served by our Central Office and Distribution Centre in Edmonton.

For our customers in Alberta and British Columbia, that means the tradition of locally-owned, community-minded service remains alive and well wherever our stores operate.

For pharmacists who believe in the power of individual entrepreneurship and professional collaboration, it means getting the right support—support for marketing, for services, for resources—that allow them to serve their customers with pride and distinction. It means opportunity.

Source: Value Drug Mart online