Lifestyles Wellness Spa & Fitness Center Inc. opened in 2005 at 1180 Stellar Drive, Newmarket, Ontario.

We specialize in professional complementary healthcare and lifestyle management for the entire family.

Our center is the first facility in York Region to offer various professional treatment modalities in one place and is conveniently located 2 minutes from the 404 highway.

Our mission is to exceed our community’s needs for lifestyle management, optimal health, relaxation and well-being with integrity, personal attention and respect.

To provide our clients results using time-honoured, clinically proven therapies, and quality natural products.

To help every individual reconnect with the instinctive knowledge of what their body requires to achieve and maintain optimal health through education, support and individualized treatment protocols to restore balance of the mind, body and spirit (mental, emotional and physical).

Our vision is to work with conventional health professionals and other healthcare providers towards a common vision – to provide the best healthcare and lifestyle support for our clients.