Power of Attorney

  • A Power of Attorney allows a capable adult to appoint a person or persons to handle their financial and legal matters in the event they are unable to do so themselves or need assistance. The document also specifies whether these individuals are allowed to act separately or required to act together. Because of the financial authority conveyed, it is critical that the Adult fully understands what powers they are granting with this document and have complete trust in the person they are appointing

  • Who should have a Power of Attorney?
    1. An individual who wants to ensure that a trusted person would take care of bill paying, correspondence and financial management in the event of incapacity or absence
    2. An individual who may need assistance with their daily finances now or in the future
    3. An individual who wants to avoid the very lengthy and expensive process of a court appointed committee should they suddenly become incapable
    4. An individual who wants to avoid having the Public Guardian and Trustee take over his or her affairs