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J. Mackenzie Fashions was created out of necessity. 

Have you ever been frustrated by your shopping experience with plus size clothing?  Have you ever had to travel to a foreign country to find stylish fashions?  Are you tired of purchasing plus size clothing that doesn't fit properly?  Are you tired of paying too much for clothing that is poor quality?  Have you ever had to buy something just because it fits but the style makes you cringe?  Have you ever walked into a store and wished there was a greater selection of fashionable items you could choose from?

I know I have, and I am not unique to these experiences.  Frustration, disappointment and discontent led to the thought that I would never be able to find clothing that matched my curves.  Years of unfulfilled shopping experiences eventually evolved into J. Mackenzie Fashions.   Having been above a size twelve for many years, I am well versed in the "experience" of women's plus size shopping. I was tired of the selections that were currently offered.   J. Mackenzie Fashions changes everything you've come to know about the plus size shopping experience. 

The goal of J. Mackenzie Fashions is simple: offer stylish and chic plus size clothing to women.  Our boutique is now Open!!!.  We offer fashion forward plus size clothing for women size 12-36 (0X to 6X) via in store and online shopping.  We carry beautiful clothing that is made by the hottest designers in plus size fashion today!  The majority of our fashions are designed and manufactured in North America.  We offer a varied selection of tops, bottoms, jeans, dresses, skirts, active wear and lingerie that will get you excited about your wardrobe! 

No matter what type of curves you exhibit, you deserve to look and feel your best - and that perfect outfit will do just that - make you feel your best!  Confidence, sexy and beautiful, you can have it all with J. Mackenzie Fashions.

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