Dylan Wickham is the owner and operator of Island Ozone, a small business located in Nanaimo, B.C. Canada. Island Ozone is a mobile Ozone Sterilization company that started operating in 2018.

Island Ozone was started for the desire to move closer to natural cleaning sources.

This was a great opportunity due to the lack of mobile sterilization companies in the area and the lack of awareness about Ozone gas as a sterilizer and the many problems it can solve.

With the help from a good friend, an electrical engineer trained at BCIT, Dylan built enough high-output, Industrial Ozone Generators to tackle any problem no matter how large the environment or how severe the problem.

In an attempt to combat chemical solutions such as Febreze, automotive air fresheners, and smelly, unhealthy environments, Dylan has dealt with a variety of problems such as realtors trying to sell homes with pet odours, cigarette odours, or that old musty home smell.

Dylan also helps everyday homeowners with odours, allergies, compromised immune systems, and those simply wanting top notch air quality and to have their home smelling like a fancy hotel.

Dylan believes that the most natural solution is the best one. Ozone gas is a 100% Chemical-Free sterilizer, and it’s the best natural solution to a clean environment.

Dylan has performed treatments for Homes, RV’s, Vehicles, and Boats all over Vancouver Island and continues to pursue his dream of Ozone being the world’s #1 sterilizer.