Davidson Fraese Family Lawyers is a family law boutique founded in 2014 by Heather Fraese and Heather Davidson.

We started this firm in order to practice family law differently.

We believe that the best divorce lawyers will guide their client towards a practical resolution, and help them avoid pointless and destructive courtroom battles.

Too many families have been damaged by wasteful and ill-advised litigation, and the lawyers involved must share responsibility.

Lawyers should not merely take instruction from their clients, particularly where the client insists on taking unreasonable positions.

This happens frequently, as many people get caught up in a cycle of conflict and destructive tit-for-tat battles.

Rather than contributing to the problem, we know that a skilled family lawyer can help you resolve those conflicts, move on, and start your new life.

We firmly believe that divorce lawyers must be focused on problem solving with objectivity and compassion.