Barrie and Bonnie Carter opened their first Jewellery Store in Smithers on May 18, 1974.

After they were married for one year the couple wanted to get into business for themselves.

After much consideration and research they decided the jewellery business would be something they both would enjoy.

Thankfully, they already had some experience in the industry. Barrie had knowledge in jewellery repairs, having already taken several courses.

Bonnie came from a background in the jewellery industry, as her mother operated Smithers Jewellers for many years before she retired in 1973.

Everything came together when a retail space became available in the new Smithers Shopping Center, which was a prime location at the time.

With the sale of their home in Terrace, finding a friendly banker and Bonnie's contacts with jewellery suppliers, they were able to fill the counters with jewellery and watches and stock the shelves with giftware and clocks.

In their first year of business Barrie and Bonnie were working 6 days a week and spending most evenings doing jewellery repairs, bookkeeping and paying bills.

In 1975, growth in the business allowed the Carters to hire their first employee, who stayed with the company for sixteen years.

By the time the employee retired in 1991 they controlled all inventory buying and merchandising for multiple stores.

In 1978, Carters hired a master clock and watch-maker and goldsmith, who started his career at the age of 15 in Holland.

After 60 years in the trade, Ralph continues to work part time repairing watches and clocks, and is one of very few with his talents in the province.

Always looking for opportunities, Barrie opened store number two in Terrace in 1976.

In the following years Carters has expanded with a store in Quesnel, two stores in Prince George and another, the latest in Fort St. John.

Barrie and Bonnie's son Baron came to manage the Terrace store, then the Pine Center store in Prince George, after completing business courses at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton.

He then became a certified diamond grader and graduate jeweller. Baron has since taken over the reins from his father who is now, along with his mother, semi-retired.

Their son's responsibilities today include all advertising and promotions, appraisals, finances and overall running of every aspect of the business.

Barrie still has a mentoring role in the business but leaves almost every aspects of operations to Baron and the 'dream team', including all the store's managers.