Beginning not long after they moved to Canada from Europe, Edward Cantor began selling small items (Buttons, Zippers, Thread, etc.) to the farmers surrounding Winnipeg.

Soon after, he opened Cantor’s first location on Magnus Avenue close to the Salter Bridge.

This was in the days of the barter system, where you could get most of the daily grocery needs met by trading goods or services for what you needed.

Joe and Oscar Cantor had been the lifeblood behind Cantor’s Quality Meats and Groceries since their father’s death in 1944.

Joe had just returned home from the Navy when his father, Edward, passed on, and Joe, Oscar, and their mother took over the store.

Moving the store to its current location, Joe soon found himself working 12 to 16 hour days, 7 days a week.

After a short while, though, this was cut back to the store not being open on Sundays or Holidays, so the brothers could spend time with their families.

Today, Joe’s son Edward manages the business, and, after watching the trouble their customers have had navigating through the store on a Saturday (their busiest day of the week), made the decision, along with Joe and Oscar, to expand the store.

Now, Cantor’s customers have a 13,500 square foot building in which to find all their daily grocery needs.