Bumble Bear Daycare is an energetic and nurturing childcare centre that serves children between 12 months and 5 years of age.(or until they start grade 1)

At Bumble Bear Daycare we believe that children learn and grow through play.  

Through play children develop socially, physically, intellectually, creatively, and emotionally.  

We, believe that each child is unique and develops at a different pace and in a different way.  

We provide a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities to stimulate children’s interests, and to expand their understanding of the world around them.

We believe that children learn independence through making choices in a safe environment. Children have a wide variety of curriculum areas to choose from .

These include: Art, Blocks, House, Dramatic Play, Manipulatives, Play-dough, Sand, Water, Gross Motor, Music, Math, Science, Language Arts, and Outdoor Play.

We also try to provide regular experiences with celebrations, field trips and community visitors.  

The materials and experiences are planned based on staff observations of the children’s interests.

We maintain the highest standards for every age level and are dedicated to partnering with parents to give every child their best future.

Bumble Bear has been awarded “Accreditation Status” by the Alberta Association for the Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services.

“Accreditation Status” symbolizes quality care for your children.

This status acknowledges the diligent efforts our daycare undertakes to provide a high standard of care to the children and families we serve.

Accredited daycare centers such as Bumble Bear exceed the regulated Alberta standards of licensing, and must score at least 80% on 128 indicators of excellence.

Our daycare teachers have specialized training are qualified to provide your child with the loving, nurturing environment they need.

We believe in helping each child reach his or her fullest potential by challenging them appropriately and ensuring that they always feel safe and important.