Are electrical issues on your property leaving you in the dark?

If so, let Beehler Brothers Electrical Contractors Ltd. shed some light on the situation with our range of electrical services.

Serving Kingston and the surrounding area since 1980, Beehler Brothers Electrical Contractors Ltd. is a family-owned business that offers electrical services for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Our experienced team of electricians can assist you with electrical maintenance and new installations.

We also provide full electrical services for new and existing properties to ensure you’re plugged in as soon as possible.

We inject courtesy, efficiency and professionalism into every task at rates that won’t shock you.

Even if your electrical system and fixtures are in good working order, having them inspected regularly ensures they remain that way.

Periodic electrician visits also help to discover elements that require maintenance or replacement before they affect your property and leave you in the dark.

For more information about our electrical services, please give us a call today to request an estimate.