Absolute Fitness is your local functional fitness training authority! 

Our innovative mobility, strength and conditioning programs are designed to transform you from a stressed-out, overworked, and/or out of shape mess to a healthy, strong and balanced athlete that's ready to take on anything you set your mind to.

We offer personal training, and group classes that deliver high intensity, full body workouts.

We combine bodyweight, gymnastics, free weights, and martial arts training in a fun, but challenging team environment.

Unlike most gyms that have endless rows of functionless and boring machines, our gym focuses on using your body and how we can help it move better, for an outside of the box fitness experience led by credible coaches who are committed to your success. Absolute Fitness is your solution. 

Our Mission

To serve Central Alberta's fitness community with expert fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching.

Core Values

We are committed to Caring, Motivating, Inspiring and Supporting each other through Teamwork with Integrity, and Respect.

Our Promise to you

A fun and effective way to achieve your fittest self, awaken your inner athlete, and become part of an amazing community of like-minded people.