Ravinder Narula is a prime example of a self-made man.

He came to Canada in 1983 at the age of 21 with about $7 US in his pocket and a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

The day after arriving in Canada, with the help of his brother, Ravinder got a job at a Mac’s Convenience store in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Within a year he was offered to run his own Mac’s store and did for another 2 years.

Then Ravinder and his brother opened up their own convenience chain in Prince Albert called Food Stop.

Ravinder and his brother ran this chain for the 6 years before coming across a larger business opportunity in Vancouver.

During the 6 years of running Food Stop, Ravinder and his brother also expanded in to Vancouver, where Food Stop Convenience locations still exist today.

In 1991, Ravinder at the age of 29 bought an Indian store in Vancouver called Singh Foods.

This was a big risk at the time as it was a new city and a new business.

Even with all these unknowns, Ravinder being the determined entrepreneur he is decided there was a void that needed to be filled in the Indian retail market.

He quickly became one of the most respectable names in the Indian community.

Ravinder ran Singh Foods till the opportunity came up in 2007 to join the Sabzi Mandi family and his good friend Hanif Ratanshi.

With over 25 years of retail experience, Ravinder brought a different edge to Sabzi Mandi.

Soon after taking over the Newton location, Sabzi Mandi grew from 4 to 7 locations in a few years and continues to grow today.