If the Village of Neguac is considered the gateway to the Acadian Peninsula, Chez Raymond is the gateway to eating well in the region. 

Founded in 1947, by Raymond and Alvina Breau, the restaurant changed hands on a few occasions and a motel was added in 1970. 

It was ultimately purchased by the current owner, Jean-Guy Kenny in 1999.

His daughter Sonia Kenny now runs the family business with the same pride as her dad and is happy to serve the original recipes from over 70 years ago. 

She enjoys serving local customers and travelers that go through the Village on their way to a trip on the peninsula.  

The most important thing to her is that everything is home made, using only the best ingredients. 

Being independent, Chez Raymond is able to offer a wide variety of food, from Canadian to Italian with Chinese and seafood in between.

For over 30 years, we have been privileged to have with us Chef Mario Poirier.  

We hope our pride is evident when you visit the restaurant, our local staff is always happy to serve you the best food and the warmest smiles in New Brunswick.