Owners Greg Gagliardi and Greg Masi welcome you as they celebrate their tenth anniversary as the destination Italian restaurant in the city.

Bellissimo (meaning Beautiful) started out as a 25-seat dining room that through the years has grown to 140 seats, consisting of a main dining room, lounge, private dining room and patio.

As a small owner/operated establishment, Bellissimo prides itself on creating a welcoming place where staff and patrons can feel like family.

Our food gets people talking! The creative fare is a happy marriage of authentic Italian cuisine merged with contemporary practices, and is well served in a semi-fine dining atmosphere.

The secret to our success is to continually provide our guests with great tasting cuisine and exceptional service.

We could not have achieved this with out the dedication and hard work of all of our staff throughout the years!

We appreciate all the support from the regular clientele and patrons, and welcome all new food enthusiasts to come and join us.