It took a whole lot of courage to open the first natural products grocery store over 35 years ago at the corner of Rachel and Berri Streets complete with a groundbreaking mission—to reimagine the way Quebecers take care of their health.

From the outset, our customers were able to shop with peace of mind for carefully sourced organic, natural or local products free from chemical preservatives, additives, artificial flavours and colourings. Since then, we have helped an entire generation lead healthier lifestyles.

With 11 grocery stores and over 70 Espace santé sections in IGA supermarkets throughout Quebec, Rachelle Béry boasts a team of helpful and knowledgeable staff who share a passion for food, wellness and looking after the environment. Our friendly staff can advise you and help you find the products that best suit your healthy lifestyle.

To call yourself a health food store, you have to be prepared to meet extremely rigorous selection criteria. And that’s what Rachelle Béry has always done.