Independent since 1906, we empower people through sport and craftsmanship to create positive change in communities around the world.

Sport is a powerful driver of change; it promotes societal inclusion regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation and identity, gender expression, religion, ethnicity, socio-economic backgrounds, or physical and mental abilities. Through equal access and opportunity, sport challenges stereotypes, breaks down societal barriers to foster inclusive engagement, and cultivates collective action. We strive to unite people across borders and bridge divides through sport and its principles of respect and fair play. By opening doors and amplifying new voices, we can shape the future of sport and culture to create a better future in which all voices are welcome and heard.

Humanity wins when everyone has the opportunity to play. New Balance is committed to funding organizations dedicated to bridging social and cultural divides through sport and play-based learning. By creating access, we can unite communities by teaching conflict resolution, team building, cooperation and acceptance across different backgrounds to bring positive change in society.

Shoes : 
- Running
- Training
- Lifestyle
- Walking

Clothing : 
- Hoodies & Sweatshirts
- Shirts
- Jackets & Vests
- Pants
- Shorts

Sports : 
- Running
- Baseball
- Basketball
- Soccer
- Tennis
- Golf
- Skateboarding