Nature’s Emporium was established in 1993, with the central goal of introducing and providing a healthy and natural lifestyle, based on natural foods and balanced living, to our community - right here in Newmarket and Vaughan, in the York Region!
We’ve always worked hard to achieve this, through creative values and dedication to the details – and by offering you our unfailing commitment to natural and organic foods!

Healthy food is a fundamental human right!

We believe that access to high quality, healthy foods - nutrition dense, invigorating fresh whole foods free of artificial additives and preservatives - is a genuine and essential human right.

We believe that it is our mission to offer and maintain that right for all who walk through our doors, and to those with whom we share this wonderful community that we are fortunate enough to call home.

Good health is a dream we must build together!

Together with you, our partners, and the incredible people who call Nature’s Emporium home every day, we will continue to build the future we wish to see – one shared, healthy meal at a time.

Until then… “Eat well…live better!”

We look forward to walking with you on the road to good health!

See you at the store!

Joe D’Addario, President