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Once upon a time, in a faraway land… Or something like that, is where it all began. The LUSH founders have been working and creating together for over 30 years, in a variety of ways. This is the story how it all began, and how chance meetings and fate culminated in the creation of LUSH.

Constantine and Weir 1977 - 1984

A certain Liz Weir and a fellow by the name of Mark Constantine met when they were both working in a hair and beauty salon. Mark was a trichologist (someone who studies the science of healthy hair and scalp) and Liz was a beauty therapist. Having started at the same time, they soon became friends; Mark even used to do Liz’s hair. When it came time to renew their contracts Mark was ready to move on. He had found some rooms full of beauty equipment on the High Street in Poole, UK and used his numerous charms to persuade Liz to join him in a new venture, which the naturally cautious Liz was reluctant to jump into. Nevertheless, she took the plunge and they started a business called 'Herbal Hair and Beauty Clinic'. Liz now jokes that they nearly starved at first because their products were so innovative and rather different to anyone else's at the time and as a result their commercial value wasn't as great.