Better food doesn't have to cost more. At Farmer's Pick, it can actually cost less.

We're not part of a large chain, a big corporation or a franchise. We're a small, independent, family-owned neighbourhood market - hard-working folks in a well-run store. We keep things simple because food tastes better that way. And, despite all the big guys' talk about buying power and corporate efficiency, the simple ways tend to be less expensive, too.

Our goal is simple – to offer a great selection of fresh, healthy, tasty food at prices that are as low or lower than what you're paying now.

Here are some ways to eat better and spend less:

Why not try us for yourself? Give up your big, impersonal, boring chain store (don't worry, they won't miss you) and try Farmer's Pick for seven days. Enjoy the friendly service and great food for a week. But keep your receipts and compare at the end. We're sure you'll see the difference on your food bill. You'll certainly taste it at the dinner table.

Sometimes you really can have it all. At Farmer's Pick you'll find great food, great service and great prices.

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