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Familiprix Group, acclaimed for its vitality and high level of professionalism, has long been experiencing some of the most robust growth in the retail pharmacy sector. During the past year, it reported more than $1 billion in retail sales. Familiprix has 1,160 employees in Quebec City and Chaudières-Appalaches—making it, in 2010, the 40th largest employer on the region’s top-500 list—and over 3,500 employees throughout its territory, which encompasses Quebec and New Brunswick. Familiprix has also been ranked 8th on the list of the 150 most-admired companies in Quebec—just a few examples of the heady growth our banner is experiencing.

Familiprix Inc. consists of nearly 300 owner-run pharmacies, organized by surface area size into three store types: Clinic, Commercial, and Extra . The corporation is committed to the distribution and retail sale of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products.

The majority of the company’s capital stock is held by pharmacists who own small or medium-size Familiprix stores.

Throughout the year, Familiprix Group helps its affiliated pharmacists take better care of customer health by providing training that may take the form of either lectures, online courses, or pharmaceutical and medical documentation delivered online to subscribers (such as our Pharmacist’s Letters). Relying on their experience with medications and drug therapies, Familiprix experts provide customers with information about diseases and advice on how to avoid or recover from them.

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