As you go through town you will find many different food markets, offering foods from all around the world. But it looks like today everybody is searching for something unique and special where the products sold are mixed with the aura of exoticism friendliness and one of a kind environment Spiced up with inimitable tastes and aromas and yet offers familiar products that everybody is used to.

Euromax Foods fulfills this need providing reach mixture of products with good alternative for our ethnically diverse society.

Upscale but reasonable priced European deli and bakery offers.

Freshly baked on premises European style bread and buns. Amazing cakes and pastries, tasty sausages, cold cuts and smoked meats. Great selection of cheeses and dairy products, smoked fish. Rich collection of sweets, candy, chocolates and cookies. Tea, coffee, water and juices. Spices and condiments. Reasonable priced one of a kind catering for any occasion. Fresh vegetables and frozen foods. Pierogies crepes croquets Organic foods. Health supplements and more.