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Club Piscine Super Fitness Mission and Values

Our mission is to become the leader in the distribution and sale of leisure and relaxation products. Thanks to the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers, Club Piscine Super Fitness will continue to grow. By increasing our visibility and market share, the company will ensure an ever-more-substantial volume and product range at ever-better prices for our pools, spas, garden furniture and Super Fitness line. We stand behind the wide selection of products we offer, our unparalleled quality criteria, our excellent customer service and the strong reputation we have built over the last 20 years.

Club Piscine Super Fitness is committed to offering you a pleasant, inviting in-store atmosphere and a warm and friendly welcome. We have a great deal of knowledge, and with our 2,500 employees, we are able to guarantee you competent and attentive service. Our experts listen carefully to our customers in order to target and meet their needs and give them clear, accurate information. Club Piscine Super Fitness provides honest, professional service within the agreed-upon timeframe. We exist to enhances your quality of life!
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