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Building Materials & Equipment

If you don’t have architects or construction project managers working for you, chances are you’ll be
doing a lot of shopping and comparing for building materials and equipment. From the smallest
details to setting the foundations for a home, there are a million things to consider and so many
items to choose from. The list of retailers below helps you get started.

Depending on where you are with your project, you may need some of the following items: steel
frames, concrete, composite materials, thermal protection, doors, moisture protection, electrical
systems or wood finishing materials for walls, ceilings, roofs, floors or sub-flooring. Other items could also be masonry, bricks, stone, metal, plumbing, laminate and windows of all kinds.

Once you’ve built your structure, you may be looking for indoor or outdoor house painting and all
related products. Finally, these retailers will also have a selection of decor elements you’ll want to
put the finishes touch on your project.

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