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Yoga Clothes

Whether you’ve just started practicing your first asanas, or you’ve been hitting the mat for years,
you know yoga is all about mobility, comfort and breathe. And that starts with your yoga clothes.
Being able to stretch, sit, bend, reach and balance, means you need fabric that moves and
supports, without squeezing the last air out of you. If you want to focus on your breathe, you
shouldn’t be worried about whether or not your clothes are still comfortably in place, and you
don’t want to have to pull and tug after every posture.

Select any link below to visit retailers that sell yoga clothes. You’ll find leggings, pants, cropped
pants, one-piece jumpsuits, tops, yoga bras, camisoles, tanks, t-shirts and shorts in technical
athletic fabrics that comply with the activity. You practice yoga to be flexible, souple and
resilient. Your yoga clothes should also reflect those traits. Namaste.

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