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Today, Cabela's Canada serves hundreds of thousands of customers across Canada and internationally through its Call Centre, Online and Retail divisions. To best serve these customers, Cabela's Canada has established a team that is experienced and aware of the requirements of the Canadian marketplace. The product assortment continues to be tailored to meet the needs of Canadians while satisfying some of its more unique requirements. Examples of this include a complete array of trapping products and a comprehensive assortment of extreme (let's call them “Canada-Ready”) cold-weather clothing and footwear products. Cabela's Canada also maintains separate and distinct relationships with many vendors world-wide. This allows it to obtain products and negotiate agreements and pricing that are often particularly beneficial for Canadian consumers. The smaller size of the Canadian organization combined with the backing of its larger US parent allows it to be agile yet also able to invest heavily in new trends, technology and opportunities as they arise - the best of both worlds! Ultimately, every decision made is balanced against the need to ensure customer service excellence.

Despite the accolades and growth, Cabela's continues to embrace the original philosophy that the customer is No. 1 - a philosophy instilled by company founders Jim and Dick Cabela. This dedication to the customer is just one of many reasons Cabela's is what the family always knew it could be - a dream come true.