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Brunet Today

Even after being in business for more than 150 years, Brunet keeps expanding at a remarkable pace.


Phenomenal growth

Brunet Pharmacy OnlineThe Brunet network continues to grow year after year. Launched in August 2009, the Brunet Plus concept offers not only highly personalized service, but also a wide variety of health and beauty products and an extensive range of dermocosmetics.

Now numbering 22 stores, the Brunet Plus pharmacies, all of which have a surface area of over 7,000 sq. ft., have delighted customers and been a springboard for future growth of the Brunet network.

Another concept, Brunet Clinique, was launched in June 2010 and has been well received. Brunet Clinique stores, each with a surface area of 1,000–3,000 sq. ft., stock all essential products along with other items that you’d expect to find at a pharmacy, and they offer Brunet’s famous personalized service. This concept will increase the visibility of the Brunet name throughout Quebec and lend the support and recognition of the Brunet name to smaller pharmacies. Every month, new Brunet Clinique stores are being added to the seven existing stores.

Regardless of the concept, all Brunet pharmacies in Quebec have the same mission:

Offer the most personalized professional health services and advice in Quebec

This mission is reflected in our involvement in the community and with institutions such as Université Laval, which boasts a Brunet practice laboratory and a Brunet-sponsored annual health symposium. We also support Université de Montréal through a large-scale pharmacy-management project.

Brunet innovated yet again in January 2011 with the launch of its MaSanté professional services program, enabling pharmacists to offer their customers a complete range of up-to-date, personalized services.

The new services include:

  • Automatic online prescription renewal
  • Online consultation with a pharmacist
  • Online access for patients to their drug files, another first in Quebec

These are just a few of the services that Brunet offers. Visit your local Brunet-affiliated pharmacist to learn more.
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