Battaglia’s Marketplace is Mississauga’s grocer of natural and organic food.

Quality Meats 
Our in-store butcher ensures you get the finest cuts of quality meats, which includes a variety of Canadian products such as pork and chicken raised without hormones and antibiotics. Enjoy a choice of great steaks including T-Bone, striploin, ribeye or our famous filet mignon which is sure to melt in your mouth!

Deli Delights 
Visit our deli department for a wide variety of fine quality deli meats and cheeses, freshly sliced for you, or prepackaged for your convenience. Enjoy a unique selection of cheeses that are sure to satisfy everyone’s palate. Looking for something specific? Our knowledgeable deli staff will be pleased to assist.

Our shelves are fully stocked with a wide and diverse selection of food and beverage offerings.
We take pride in bringing you unique products that are hard to find elsewhere, such as exquisite virgin olive oils. Gluten free products are also a part of our broad inventory.

Fresh Produce and Salad Bar 
We visit the Food Terminal early in the morning to select the best fruits and vegetables available. By doing so you know it will always be fresh and at its peak of flavour.

Garden Centre 
Our garden centre is forever changing throughout the year. From January to March we are indoors where we have an abundant assortment of potted spring bulbs. When they’re done blooming inside, save the bulbs and plant them in your garden when it gets warmer where you will enjoy them for many years to come.