Al Premium Food Mart is one of the only large-scale supermarkets in greater Toronto area that caters to more than one million visible minority population. In addition to the stuff you would normally find in a grocery store that caters to more mainstream tastes like vegetables, fruits, milk, and potato chips, Al Premium proudly birings various other items that cater to the East Asian (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Korean), Southeast Asian (e.g. Malaysian, Thai, Filipino)?European?Canadian and South Asian (e.g. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) diaspora. With our rapid expansion in GTA. We operate 3 grand stores in Toronto. We teamed up with Walmart since 2015 and have 5 Walmart in-stores in Toronto and Vancouver area.

FromSincetheir first store at the intersection of Eglinton & Warden, Al Premium Food Mart is bring a refreshing concept in providing different communities with better opportunities to interact and share their grocery shopping needs and experiences.

The Grocery Stores are fully set up with products from over 14 different regions all over the world. Customers could find over 60,000 assorted products to meet their daily grocery shopping needs. The store features Halal Meat department where meats are certified by HMA. A multi-culture Food court is featuring prepared hot foods from Asian/South Asian Foods. Tasting demos take place every week. Freshly baked buns are on site every day..