Bringing a taste of Persia to Montreal. Our stores offer a variety of Mediterranean foods to fit any taste. You can find Persian Pistachios, Hummus, Stuffed Vine Leaves, Indian and Iranian Rice, Halal Meat and Chicken, and so much more.

Our meat department provides many fresh and high quality products. We offer a wide selection of Halal meats which is permitted to be consumed according to the Islamic law.

At Supermarche Akhavan, our customers enjoy a variety of marinated meats, a variety of fine cuts of chicken, a wide range of beef, veal, lamb and much more.

The first Akhavan store was established in Montreal, Canada in 1989.

Apart from the two branches, there is also a wholesale business based in Ville Saint-Laurent. The wholesaling business imports directly from Persia and other exotic locales around the globe, and distributes mainly to grocery stores in Canada.

Akhavan Food is an experienced importer and supplier of Mediterranean foods, and we provides a variety of healthy foods such as fresh dates, dried fruits, nuts, olive oil and much more.

Akhavan brings a taste of Persia to Montréal.