Creative Beginnings Childcare Centre is a licensed non-profit charitable organization committed to providing exceptional childcare to the community and the diverse families we serve.

We repeatedly received Gold status on the Region of Waterloo's quality assurance initiative (Raising the Bar) which recognizes childcare providers who go above and beyond.

We provide a vibrant play-based program for children which fosters individualism, creativity, and socialization, and focuses on the Ministry of Education's pedagocial foundation document entitled "How Does Learning Happen?".

Our knowledgeable, professional team of teachers support children in a fun, nurturing and safe environment.

One of our key features is the use of documentation.

Teachers and children create stories together which are posted for parents, including photos, on a regular basis. 

Documentations helps parents to feel connected to their child's day.  

It's the next best thing to actually being there! Teachers also create individual child portfolios that are added to on a regular basis. 

Children can explore their portfolios at any time as they are kept in the classroom. 

Be sure to check out your child's portfolio today!