Aquafun Pools

At Aquafun, we understand that water is the very essence of existence and we are experts in helping you to incorporate its benefits into your own home and lifestyle.

Using water to soothe and heal is not a modern innovation. Throughout recorded history, people of all cultures have sought out the life affirming properties of water. "Taking the baths" has long been considered a hallmark of fine living.

Today, modern technology and innovation bring this gift of hydrotherapy into your home. What was once the privilege of kings and queens is now available to you.

Rest, Relaxation, Recreation, Reward
Would you like your two weeks vacation to last the whole summer long?
Do you love to swim but hate being held to a schedule and wading through the crowds at the public pool?
Are you looking for a fun and healthy alternative to video games and t.v. - something that will keep your kids closer to home, time you can all share as a

    Are you looking for relief from the pain of injured muscles, arthritis or fibromyalgia?
    Would you give anything to enjoy a full night of deep sleep and wake in the morning feeling completely rested and refreshed?

Whatever your needs or desires, - whether you are seeking relaxation and soothing relief in the bubbling waters of your hot tub or looking to vacation poolside in your own backyard - Aquafun will make it happen!

Bring your family to our family and let us make your dreams come true.
Brent Winnitoy - Certified Pool Professional

Brent first developed an interest in swimming pool construction as an excavating contractor working with local pool builders on various pool installations in the Cowichan Valley . When the opportunity presented itself to purchase the Cobble Hill based "Family Pools" in 1988, the die was cast. Four years later, Brent and his wife, Gloria, bought the Duncan pool and spa outlet, "Aquafun" and Aquafun Family Pools and Spas was born.

In the intervening years, Brent has gathered valuable experience and expertise. He has completed numerous courses and training sessions, sponsored by the pool industry and has studied with pool design consultants throughout North America.

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