Authentic, yet modern.

Lighthouse Restaurant offers a relaxing dining experience featuring highest-quality Japanese fusion cuisine.

Using ingredients flown in daily from as far as eastern Canada and even Japan, Lighthouse offers only the freshest traditional and fusion sushi, tempura, katsu and much more.

An extensive and varied sushi and sashimi menu appeals to both the tame and adventurous – Lighthouse offers everything from traditional Futomaki rolls to Rainbow and Sunset Rolls.

To help meet the needs of all guests, Lighthouse also offers several gluten-free items as well as gluten-free soy sauce and a peanut-free dinner menu.

Traditional, but unique.

Chef Yukinari Takahashi, the man behind Lighthouse’s menu for the past five years, completed his apprenticeship and journeyman training in Japan and brings 25 years of experience to the kitchen.

Under Yukinari’s careful guidance, Lighthouse’s signature sushi is given the authentic attention it deserves, and all sauces are made in-house and from scratch.

Unparalleled, and always fresh.

Lighthouse’s quality Japanese cuisine and unique chef creations are served in a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere.

Traditional Japanese artwork intermingles with modern, easy-listening music. and an original brick wall befitting Lighthouse’s historic downtown location.

The serving staff is trained to provide prompt and personal service – ensuring that the needs of every guest are met is top priority.

Locally owned and operated, Lighthouse opened in 2003 and has been in its current location since 2005.

Unsurpassed quality, exceptional service, reasonable prices and an authentic and laid-back atmosphere make Lighthouse the perfect location for an effortlessly enjoyable night out.