Cinnzeo Bakery shop

Cinnaroll Bakeries Limited, makers of an increasingly famous line of cinnamon rolls and treats, is a well-established Calgary company with over 20 years of baking experience. We have two brands we focus on, our unique café style bakeries that specialize in producing in-house oven hot Cinnamon Rolls Cinnzeo, and our wholesale manufacturing bakery that operates under the name Baker Boys.

We began opening Cinnamon Roll Bakeries in 1987, and in April of 1997 the decision to convert the company in to a totally Canadian company was made.  Cinnzeo focuses on fresh baked high quality indulgent Cinnamon Rolls and other baked goods. Our 15+ Canadian retail stores are well-situated in high traffic mall locations in Alberta and British Columbia.  Independence from the US-owned Cinnabon has enabled Cinnaroll to expand its Cinnzeo retail concept in to markets outside our initial territory. Newly licensed franchise operations are expanding rapidly and you can find Cinnzeo in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Chile, Mexico, and the U.K.

The Baker Boys brand was established in 1993 with the intent of providing gourmet cinnamon rolls to the retail grocery and foodservice industries throughout Western Canada. Since then we’ve grown and now operate out of a 30,000 square foot commercial bakery.  Today we are proud to say that we supply a wide variety of “thaw and sell” fabulous baked goods to the grocery store, convenience store, fundraising, and foodservice industries throughout North America.

Through its Baker Boys and CinnZeo brands, Cinnaroll Bakeries Limited is dedicated to providing its loyal customers with fabulous baked goods of uncompromising taste, quality and convenience. The Baker Boys and CinnZeo brands are simple, focused and have global appeal.

Source : Cinnzeo online