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Ceramics & Tile

Choosing the right ceramics or tiles can make or break your renovation project. If you haven’t taken
on a tiling project before, you’ll be surprised by the variety of tiles available. To make it even more
challenging, not every type of tile works for every job and, of course, there's your budget to consider.

Whether you’re shopping for an immediate project or just planning for the future, we listed a few
retailers you can consult to make the right decision.

Now, let’s look at different types of tiles. Terracota tile is rustic with a primitive look and good for
floors. Subway tiles are classic and good for walls, backsplash or shower stalls. Ceramic tiles
are better glazed, than not, while porcelain can be tricky to install yourself and glass, though
beautiful, is fragile and can chip. Choose cement tiles for low traffic areas or small quantities,
marble tile sparingly for budget-wise renovations, mosaic tile if you like the look, granite tile if
you want performance and low cost and limestone tile to spruce up your outdoors.

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