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Computer Equipment

Purchasing one, or many computers, is great, but there’s a whole set of equipment you have to
consider in order to create a computer ecosystem that will work for your environment.

Among these products, you have o riginal or replacement servers, switches, routers, network
devices, power units, hard drives, processors, memory modules, motherboards and racks.
Other computer hardware and components include cabling, cooling apparatus, and related or
ancillary equipment, machinery, and parts. All this computer equipment serves a primary
purpose: to store, retrieve, search, organize, analyze, aggregate, process and/or transfer data.
All these actions can be combined per your operational needs.

Computer equipment cooling systems help manage the performance of a datacenter property.
This includes your mechanical and electrical equipment, the hardware for distributed and
mainframe computers and servers, data storage devices, network connectivity equipment, and
peripheral components and systems.

The list below helps you get started so you can access the computer equipment that suits your
specific needs.

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