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Workwear can be defined as rough and tough clothing design that’s produced with
fabrics that protect you. We tend to think of industrial work wear when it comes to this
type of clothing and gear, but it can simply be anything that’s made for the outdoors.
Browse the links below for casual and active wear for everyday living. You’ll find apparel
that is engineered to function, feel and look better.

Aside from apparel, you can also find footwear, hard hats, safety glasses, high visibility
and fire resistant clothing, some with CSA certifications. With these retailers, you’ll find
brands such as Bulwark, Carhartt, Dickies, Red Kap, Baffin and LP Royer. Regardless of
the industry you work in - construction, mining, electrical, chemical, oil & gas, etc. - you’ll
find the right products to keep you safe while working.

If outdoor clothing and gear if what you need, you’ll be well-served as well!

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