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A pharmacy first.

At Rexall™, Rexall Pharma Plus, The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, Guardian and I.D.A., we are proud to be a pharmacy first. We are connected through the community pharmacy spirit embodied in the Rexall Brand and our collective commitment to the health and wellness of our patients and customers.

The Rexall family of pharmacies are members of Katz Group Canada Ltd., Canada's largest and leading integrated retail pharmacy network. With more than 1,800 corporate, franchise, and independent pharmacies, Katz Group Canada comprises more pharmacies than any other retail pharmacy network in Canada.

Katz Group Canada is part of the Katz Group of Companies. To find out more about Katz Group, visit
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Caring About Canadians For Over 100 Years

Many believe the Rexall name was derived from the words "Rx to all" or "pharmacy care to all" and since Rexall Drug Stores were found in most communities across Canada, these words held true. Today, the Rexall sign continues to be a symbol of the trusted and personalized care of the Rexall family pharmacists.

It started in 1904 with Louis K. Liggett. He founded the United Drug Company in order to supply retail druggists with affordable, high-quality products. Sound familiar? It should. Eventually these products became known as Rexall Brand products.

Today, all pharmacies in the Rexall family – Rexall, Rexall Pharma Plus, The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, Guardian and I.D.A. – carry a full range of Rexall Brand products. Everything from over-the-counter medications to vitamins, and sunscreens to home health care products are available at affordable prices. We believe this is what being a good neighbour is all about. Read More About Rexall History...


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