Majestic Mattress online store
Majestic Mattress online store
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We are a family owned business that has been operating in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada for more than 25 years!

At Majestic Mattress, our quality is second to none and our prices are typically 33% less expensive than a comparable “name-brand” mattress, and in some cases, up to 50% cheaper, depending on how greedy the retailer is.

We are not a nationally recognized name brand and we are not “re-inventing the wheel” either. We provide a quality mattress with great pricing by using the same component parts as leading name-brand mattress manufacturers, assemble it under our own label, and sell for less.

With locations in Kelowna, West Kelowna and Comox on Vancouver Island our service area extends to all points in British Columbia & Alberta. Check out the Factory Outlet Locator to find the closest store to you! 

Our bedding products encompass retail, wholesale and commercial. You'll not only find Majestic Mattress products in your home, and RV's, but you will find our mattresses in sleeper cabs of semi trailer trucks and our wholesale mattresses in university dorm rooms, logging camps, youth hostels, hotels and resorts. We build mattresses for every application.  

In our over 25 years of mattress experience, we have used just about every spring core available in the industry and met the design criteria for very specific industries. See what Majestic Mattress can do for you!

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