Cataldi Italian Supermarket

 › 1979 ›››
Francesco and Rosa Cataldi first opened their doors in Italy, Calabria (Lamezia Terme). A local, independent grocery store called "Generi Alimentari Cataldi" was the start of what would become a family tradition. The store was small but carried every thing you possibly wanted from groceries to farm products.

› 1989 ›››
Francesco and Rosa Cataldi, in 1989, decided to come to Canada and open a grocery store with a European touch and called the store "Lamezia Grocery". As the family was growing, so was the passion of the business; and so it was time to expand.

› The Years that Followed ›››
In 1996, the Cataldi family opened a second location called "Cataldi Supermarket Ltd".

In the year 2000, The Cataldi family decided to import Italian specialty products such as olive oils, balsamic vinegars, fancy cuts of pasta, tomato sauce, cookies, not to mention our traditional, Easter and Christmas specialty cakes, and other gourmet products that are exclusively available at Cataldi's.

In 2004, Cataldi Supermarket was chosen "Best of the Best" independent grocery store in the North York community. Cataldi Supermarket is a proud member of the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocery and the Canadian Restaurant Federation Association.

It is our tradition to provide our customers with the finest quality of Italian food products and to provide them with the best customer service that they deserve.

The Cataldi Famiy only chooses the best products under our labels that are available exclusively at our store!


    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Balsamic Vinegar
    Plum Tomatoes, tomato puree, tomato sauce
    Marinated Eggplants, Mix vegetables, spreads
    Espresso coffee (ground and beans)
    Mozzarella, friulano, provolone, goat cheese
    Biscuits, breadsticks
    Frozen Porcini, frozen mix vegetables
    Nuts and dry fruits

Source: Cataldi online