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Every year, Botanix presents many new horticultural products that make gardening easier and more fun...

Not only is Botanix the place to discover plants that fit your needs, it's also the place to get the information you need to design a one-of-a-kind garden that reflects who you are!

Botanix also offers green gardening tips and has a website that gives you access to updated, cutting edge information on the latest horticultural trends. When it comes to designing beautiful gardens, Botanix is the horticultural leader to trust!

The new Botanix Index, which provides photos and caracteristics of over 500 plants, including 50 new introductions for 2011, is the perfect way to plan your gardening purchases. It explains the two main criteria for selecting the right products: Plant height and seasonal interest.

Botanix also has other surprises in store for you this year: an assortment of decorative pots that reflect your style, as well as annuals arrangements that you can design yourself by following our recipe cards or by improvising your own original combinations!

And that's not all! Botanix is also encouraging you to get closer to nature this year by taking up eco-responsible gardening. We're giving you access to all kinds of helpful tips that will help you design and maintain a garden filled with vibrantly healthy, yet low-maintenance plants, in other words, a head-turning garden for the lazy gardener in all of us!
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