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Founded in Chicago in the early 1920s, ACE Hardware Corporation was born of a small grouping of independent dealers that has grown to form an international network. Now having more than 4,600 stores in over 60 countries, ACE has become one of the largest independent hardware banners in the world. This global recognition, enhanced by the accessibility of service from a local retailer, has enabled the ACE brand to rank among the top 100 best-known brands in the world.


It was in Chicago that the ACE Hardware Corporation was founded in 1924. The founder of ACE hardware, Richard Hesse, was familiar with the disadvantages associated with traditional procurement of goods at retail. At that time, a major concern was to make a profit while offering competitive prices. Purchases from a salesman or a commercial intermediary were not advantageous because the product price rose while cutting the profit margin of the retailer.
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