Yukon Liquor Corporation

Our Mandate

Yukon Liquor Corporation is responsible for the purchase, distribution, and sale of liquor products in the Yukon.

Our Vision

Liquor products are enjoyed in a safe, legal and socially responsible manner.

Our Purpose

  • to purchase a range of liquor products and make them available to consumers, and to regulate the sale and consumption of liquor products.

Our Values

  • to treat staff and customers fairly, reasonably, respectfully, and consistently
  • to employ a participative management style to keep staff and customers informed on the issues and the decisions that affect the Corporation
  • to provide excellent service to customers

Our Strategic Goals

  • ensure availability and variety of products to meet customer demand
  • regulate the sale and consumption of liquor products, and promote and enforce their legal and socially responsible sale and service
  • optimize the net proceeds to government realized from the sale and control of liquor
  • provide timely and efficient access to specific government services on behalf of other government departments in five rural communities
  • support the return and recycling of beverage containers, where necessary
Source: Yukon Liquor Corporation