Tristan, a Love Story at Heart

Tristan`s story began in the 1970s, when Gilles Fortin and Denise Deslauriers met and embarked on a wonderful journey by founding what would become a major Canadian fashion company, making them retailer and manufacturer. A love affair with fashion that was sparked nearly 40 years ago!

First known as Tristan & AMERICA, the brand name was shortened to Tristan as the fledgling company continued to offer stylish, high-quality garments for both men and women. Today, Tristan pour Elle and Tristan pour Lui are appreciated by individuals seeking a distinctive image and affordable luxury.

The Tristan brand is known for its ready-to-wear clothing, quality fabrics and impeccable cut. The perfect balance between accessible and sophisticated fashion, the collections take a modern and refreshing approach. Tristan’s talented design team, based in Montreal, is always thinking up ways to reinvent your wardrobe. At Tristan, appearance-conscious men and women, young urban professionals and business people find chic, elegant, comfortable styles.

Tristan is proud of its roots. With over 30% of its clothing made locally, Tristan can closely monitor the manufacturing process and more quickly keep up with new trends while contributing to the health of Quebec’s economy. The result of this effort is evident in 50 retail stores across Canada, where customers know they will receive first-rate treatment by our service staff.

The Tristan team is passionate about its work and driven by the desire to offer its customers an unforgettable purchasing experience. With the opening of its brand-new online store, Tristan is upholding its mission to continually improve customer relations.

Source: Tristan online