At the diamond Studio we enjoy and celebrate jewellery.


Our approach is geared to helping our clients acquire, re-design, restore, or take care of those special pieces which will bring enduring pleasure to their lives.

In our store you will find jewellery from around the world, gold bracelets and necklaces from Italy, silver earrings and pendants from Germany, diamonds from Canada and of course our own designers’ creations.

An engagement ring is an enduring symbol of one’s love and commitment. Each diamond is as unique as the person who gives it.

At The Diamond Studio we will help you choose the right diamond.

Our knowledge and experience guarantee the beauty and value of that diamond.

Our open and accessible staff makes us fun and easy to deal with.

You can choose from the latest designs or we will be happy to custom design your ring.

Your joy and satisfaction are our principal concern.

“I find it very satisfying to listen to a client’s dreams and expectations about their engagement ring and to then design and produce that ring and watch their expression change to wonder as I hand it to them, and it is perfect. Becoming engaged deserves the time and attention to choose the right diamond no matter what your budget”